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Pet Sitting available around Stockport ! (over Christmas period too) Hello, meow and woof! I am Bea, I am an animal lover, feline fanatic and general nature nut. I've had the pleasure to have owned cat's and dogs throughout my life, so really appreciate and understand how unique each individual character is and most of all how to read their behaviours. I've cat sat for friends and family, this then grew from word of mouth and I began to have quite a reputation as a loving, reliable carer for each owners familiar furry friend. I work part time from home, so this gives me plenty of flexibility to check in on, feed, hug and play with any adorable furry friends or critters. I'm happy to answer any questions, so send me a message if there's something you would like more information on. I've taught my own cat, how to sit, do paw and stand up all with positive reinforcement and tasty treats. I love playing with animals and teaching them tricks, if they are willing! But you can't beat a cuddle or the purr of cat getting a good grooming! I'm happy to cover all aspects of care, and know how unique each animal is, with routine, diet etc. Let me know if there's anything additional and I will try and fulfil your pet sitting/ house sitting needs. I have years10+ years of experience. Please email me to enquire: OR
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Published from: November 20, 2023.
Region: Stockport
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